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The Association has recently developed a new training program, Vice and Human Trafficking Investigations.  The course will cover everything from gambling to all of the various sexual vices that law enforcement investigate.

The International Association of Undercover Officers was established for the purpose of promoting safety and professionalism among undercover officers.  The non-profit Association continues to foster mutual cooperation, discussion and interests among it members.  It provides a vast international network of intelligence gathering means for today's undercover officer and sponsors high quality training programs for undercover officers.

The world of undercover has expanded into all areas of criminal enterprise.  The criminal of today employs advanced technologies both in the commitment of the crime and in countermeasures to conceal that illegal activity.

The use of undercover as an investigative technique has grown into all areas of criminal investigations.  The Association provides a confidential database that will facilitate networking, investigative techniques, current trends, activities of specific criminal organizations, new products and equipment, identify funding sources and assist in the establishment and management of undercover units.  All law enforcement personnel will benefit from membership in this Association.

Charlie Fuller & Dave Redemann's

Vice & Human Trafficking Investigations
A New and Updated Five Day Training Program 
Orlando, FL     October 17 - 21. 2016
Daytona Beach, FL      
March 27 - 31, 2017

A five day (36 hours) training program designed for law enforcement officers who are beginning to work vice investigations or have worked vice for some time.  The basic portion of the course will be essential for newer vice officers and definitely provide veterans with a solid reminder of important principles of working vice and human trafficking investigations.  The course will move into advanced techniques and audio/video surveillance techniques that are rapidly changing with the introduction of new technology.  The tactical portion of the classroom instruction will definitely impact all officers and assist them in keeping themselves safe while working vice operations.

Officers who participate in covert operations are not born with the talents needed to perform effectively and safely in undercover situations. These talents are developed from experience, hard work and training. This program will provide officers with the techniques and survival tactics necessary to to develop or compliment their present undercover experience. Many times this can make the difference between success or failure and safety or injury.


CHARLIE FULLER - Retired Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Special Agent. Charlie has 27 years of law enforcement experience with expertise in undercover, electronic surveillance and training. He was a Program Manager at the ATF National Academy for six years. He was responsible for the Undercover and Field Operations Training Programs. He is the author of The Art of Undercover: Techniques and Survival, a complete "how to" work undercover textbook. Charlie currently presents undercover, electronic surveillance, physical surveillance and high risk entry tactics training programs nationwide.

DAVE REDEMANN - Detective, Seattle Police Department.  Dave is assigned to a special undercover unit.  Dave has worked two long term deep cover undercover operations for federal agencies, one of which was 4 years in duration.  Dave has been involved in undercover operations most of his 23 years of law enforcement experience.  He designed and presents an 80 hour Basic and Advanced Undercover School for the State of Washington and Seattle Police Department, where he developed his reputation as a skilled instructor.

GARY DRUMHELLER - Special Agent in Charge, Washington State Gambling Commission.  Gary has over 28 years of law enforcement experience.  He began his career as a Police Officer before joining the Commission.  He was involved in criminal investigations and undercover work.  Most of his undercover cases involved bookmaking, cockfighting and after hour illegal card games, most of which were long-term investigations.  Gary taught for two years at the Basic Law Enforcement Academy.  Besides Gary's experience as an instructor at CJTC, he has also instructed on animal fights, bookmaking, informant development and handling, case management and supervision.

BILL GUYER - Bill graduated from Washington State University with a BA in Criminal Justice.  He has over 30 years of law enforcement experience.  He has been in his current assignment as a Vice Detective with the Seattle Police Department for the last 11 years.  Bill has been the undercover detective in over 200 Vice related cases ranging from escorts, track work, massage parlors and adult entertainment clubs.  Bill has been the lead or secondary detective in over 100 promoting prostitution cases both adult and juvenile.  Bill is also an instructor with the City of Seattle "John School".  He has been the lead instructor at the numerous law enforcement and community trainings.

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Program Topics

Prostitution - In Call - Out Call - Street Level - Backpage - Craigslist - Strip Clubs - Massage Parlors - Special Events
Pimps - Children - Selecting Locations
Prostitution Reversals - Street Level - Escorts
Gambling - Bookmaking - Sports Betting - Dog/Cock Fighting
Video Poker Machines
Undercover ID - Backstopping - Facebook - Backpage - Hotel Incalls
Human Trafficking - Understanding Who is the Victim - Treatment for the Victims
Testifying in Court - Special Undercover Techniques - Tactical Aspects of Doing the Takedown - Practical Exercises - Working Bars/Nightclubs - Informants - Developing Informants - Surveillance - Supervising Vice Operations - Lessons Learned - Case Studies of "Cop Gone Bad"

Registration Information

Registration fee for the five day training program is $495.00 per person, if pre-paid or paid at registration.  If your department has to be invoiced after the start of the course, the tuition cost is $550.00.  We accept cash, check or Visa/MasterCard.  Group discounts are also available.  Tuition cost includes the cost of the instruction, handout materials, copy of The Art of Undercover: Techniques and Survival, and certificate of completion.  All checks or purchase orders must be made payable to The International Association of Undercover Officers (IAUO). For further information, call Charlie at 912-242-6000 or e-mail at
Classes will be held daily from 8:30AM to 5:00 PM, except Friday when class will conclude at 11:30AM. Dress is casual.

               Attendance is limited. Register early to insure your attendance.

Training Site and Hotel Accommodations

Orlando, FL - The training will be held at The Embassy Suites North/Altamonte Springs, 225 Shorecrest Dr, Altamonte Springs, FL  32701. The Embassy Suites has arranged a special rate of $99 for lodging for the training event. To make your reservations please call them at 407-834-2400 and use Booking Code "UCO" or International Association of Undercover Officers to obtain this special rate.  Please make your reservations prior to September 28, 2016. 

Daytona Beach, FL -
The training will be held at Daytona Beach Resort and Conference Center, 2700 N. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach, FL 32118.  The Daytona Beach Resort and Conference Center has arranged a special rate of $117 for lodging for the training event. To make your reservations please call them at 386-672-3770 and use Booking Code "COPSPRING" or International Association of Undercover Officers to obtain this special rate.  Please make your reservations prior to September 28, 2016.

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